Friday, March 2, 2012

Slave to my hair?

I love Babble when they have new articles up!  This one is about 10 minute hair styles.  Now I'm the kind of person who has 3 kinds of hair.

1.  Blow dried and straightened; my "I care" hair do
2.  Braided pigtails; read: I just went swimming and didn't have time or I just didn't have time but it still looks cute
3.  Ponytail; read: I let it dry naturally and it's in my face and I'm doing stuff, like reading :)

Babble's article here has some cute ideas.

#2 says a headband can make the difference.  It also gives me headaches unfortunately.  So no matter how many headbands I've bought they all end up in the garbage.  :(

I think the 3 buns in the oven looks super cute and will have to check it out :D

A hairbow!

Okay I admit that once I was playing on Glamour's try on a celebrity hairstyle and I tried on Lady Gaga's crazy giant hairbow.  Little Miss came over and told me she liked that best on me :)

I'm midway through and seriously, the more I look at some of them the more it doesn't feel like 10 minutes.....hmmm.  Curling irons?  Taking the time to braid my hair in itself takes 10 minutes!  And I have shoulder length hair!

Guess it looks like I'll be sticking with my basic 3 'do's for now!  :D

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