Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy weekend

This past Saturday was probably the best time I've had in a long time.  Sure there are weekends where you have a good afternoon or a good few hours, but Saturday was all day awesome.  :)

We started with coffee and a mid morning snack and then met up with a couple of friends who came in from out of town.  Our first stop is this sweet little boutique downtown (O'Day Cache) where she has lots of imported goods.  Since the last time I was in they've expanded and added a clothing and shoe boutique in the way back.  I was able to pick up a cute pair of green crystal earrings (the hubby insists they're yellow, but I'm pretty sure they're green; could be the paper background :D ), a fun geisha shaped comb for my purse, a little leather keyring, awesome plastic chopsticks with smiling people on top and silky shorts.

Aw crap.  I had taken a picture of these goodies all nicely laid out...and apparently didn't save it.  So you'll just have to trust that the little stuff was cute :D

I also picked up a fun satiny wrap skirt from One World.  What I love most about that store is that every time I go in, I remember the first time I ever went.  My aunt had taken my mom and I while on an outing and I have been in love ever since.  After a not so quick lunch downtown (we were all pretty sure she forgot we were waiting to order despite standing a few feet away from our table for 15 minutes) we hit up the mall. 

I don't normally go to the mall on a Saturday when we visit relatives because it is nuts.  All those crazy people running to and fro is just too much :D  But there were a few places we wanted to hit up and I'm glad we did.  Mostly because in the middle of the mall they had a fashion show set up that showcased people's work made from all recylced/reused goods!  It was awesome.  My best friend and I agree that one of our favorites was made out of cardboard and paper grocery bags and was constructed into a crinkled coat and dress.  Fabulous!  Another one I liked was made out of melted plastic bags and was like a swirly floral dress deal.  Just beautiful!

After the mall we nipped to Target (although does anyone ever really just nip into Target?  or anywhere?) and I was able to pick up a few things for a baby shower and a welcome home baby party.  Plus the other thing I discovered on Saturday is that whenever there is a good sale which I could honestly say my kids needed something, their sizes are always always always bought up!  I looked for pants in size 6 and there were nada left.  Eventually I bought a pair of 5's that looked long enough (and luckily they are) but was just frustrated!  Ugh. 

We ended our shopping trip with sushi.  Every time we go out of town we go out for sushi.  Again I credit my aunt with my fondness for sushi.  When I was 18 and graduated from highschool she flew me out to San Francisco for a week and I picked up a taste for sushi!  Yum.  Between the 6 of us who actually ordered sushi there was much to go around and it was all delicious!  We ended the day with games and drinks at a friend's house and stayed out too late (can I honestly say that I'm too old to be up 'til 2 now?  ;D ).  But it was well worth it, I felt relaxed and lovely and happy :D

I  knew there would be a happy package waiting for me when we came back and to my surprise, both of them arrived!  In one was the book "Brain games for word nerds".  In the other box was my dress and lip scrub!  The dress fits perfectly and I am so wearing it tomorrow, snowflakes or not.  :D

Here are the shorts, dress and wrap skirt

Close up of the pretty lace on my shorts

I still haven't had a chance to wear my dress yet!  I keep bringing it hoping that I'll be able to wear it, but something pops up that I can't make it back to change or something!  But I love it so much that I wanted to at least show a picture of it.  :D

Alrighty, I better quit slacking :)

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