Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ooh la la

I was going to title this Sexy Nerd but opted for something else to encompass my newly FO!  :)

So first off, my finished hat!  I started it yesterday with this sweet yarn I bought over Easter.

I used the pattern Nesaia from Ravelry!  Very quick and easy knit.  Only change I made was the needle size, I used a size 8 because I have a small head.  :)  So it looks floppy but the band is actually perfectly sized.

More birthday stuff came in the mail today!  These were things from the hubby.  And also why I wanted to say Sexy Nerd :D  Cute pj's from Victoria Secret and a new Malifaux figurine! 

And one random thing before I go, last night I was fixing supper (Hawaiian Bean Casserole!) and Monster Bean comes up to me and says "You just squeeze 'til it pops and it comes out!"  I thought he was being silly, but the back of the Spam can actually does say this.


  1. I was all impressed with you, but then you lost points for having spam in your home :o)

  2. Great hat! Love the Spam thing, though I must say I haven't actually eaten it in years, maybe even decades! :)