Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodies in the mail!

Nothing brightens a day like seeing packages stacked up by your door.  :)  Okay, so only one of the boxes was for me, but it kind of feels like Christmas anyhow.

My order from ModCloth arrived and I couldn't be happier about it!  Check out this sweet new skirt!

It's soft, it's bright, and super bonus, it has pockets!  I'm loving it!  And if it weren't poopy cold out, I'd wear it all day long.

Also in this package was this cool silk tank top.  I'm thinking of pairing it with leggings/skinny jeans for my shopping trip on Saturday.

And before I forget, I bought my first pair of Toms on Monday!  I'd seen them in store before but since flats and I have always disagreed with each other I never bought a pair.  Well, that was before I met Big Buddha.  For Valentine's Day I asked the hubby for a pair of cute moccasin flats with a pretty bow and they are now my most favorite shoe ever.  Deciding that I should branch out in this flats business I tried on a pair and was sold on the spot.  Plus they were 40% off so that was a score.  And double plus, they're in my favorite color green.

I can't wait until Mr Mailman brings me my next expected package from UO!


  1. Where'd you get the Toms at? I really really want a pair, but can't justify paying full price.

  2. That skirt is super cute! I'm such a sucker for pockets in skirts too. You should layer it with tights and boots, then you can wear it while it's still cold!