Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When having a bad day....

curl your hair!  Or at least that's what I did today.  Alright, and my day isn't necessarily bad either, but I admit that curling my hair made me feel bouncy and happy and incredibly girly.  Unfortunately I had to fight with my phone to get a shot that 1-didn't make my face look huge 2-reveal how little makeup I'm actually wearing and 3-accurately portrayed the curls.

So here's what it all winded down to:

I also feel that I must apologize for I forgot to add in one of the better parts of my birthday!  As a total surprise, my hubby's grandma made me homemade ice cream cake.  It was the dessert to our lunch and amazing!  My husband teased me that there were a buttload of candles on it and his grandpa teased me that now I'm 30, I'm completely untrustworthy ;)  hehe.  It was a wonderful surprise and I'm only sad that we weren't able to bring the rest of it home!

Lastly, the baby boots I mentioned in the last post?  Total pain in the ass.  I mean it.  The right boot knit up just fine.  The left one has been a pain.  Mostly because I misread the flap part and knit it without even thinking about it only to get to the end and discover....it didn't work at all.  No problem, right?  I just ripped back to where you begin the top part and discovered it didn't make any more sense when being reknit.  On my third attempt to pick up all the stitches and cast on the same amount and get the flap on the correct side (you  have to knit across half the stitches you already have, knit back across them, join them to the stitches on the other side and then cast on so you  have an open seam for the bottom of the foot and back of bootie, then an open slit to fold the top flap across; got it?  :D ).  I'm nauseous just reading that again.  :D  But, importantly, it seems to have worked just in time for snacks.  So.  I'm going to enjoy some strawberries and do some of the things I avoided so I could relax and knit.  Now I'm going to relax and vacuum.  Irony!

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