Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrating 30 Easter's

I wish I could say that my birthday was awesome.  Trust me, I had high hopes for this birthday and it being Easter.  Unfortunately the weekend had other plans.  :(

I felt as if the kids were just a bit on the wild side, I felt that both of them were just being crap listeners for the sake of it (although I admit that Monster Bean wasn't nearly as bad), and then you add on lack of sleep and it made for a sad weekend.

Saturday we managed a short visit to the zoo, but it was super windy and quite a few of the animals weren't out yet.  It is April after all, that freaky warm week isn't fooling anyone ;)  The train wasn't running but that didn't stop the kids from getting on :D

Little Miss didn't want to fall asleep despite it being super late (10 by the time she was in bed satisfactorily).  Luckily Saturday ended on a great note.  We stayed up playing games with grandma and M and had lots of giggles.  Giggling was much appreciated and fun.  :)  But then Sunday came too fast at 6AM and two very awake children.  My sweet husband let me sleep in and sacrificed his sanity for my birthday.  Unfortunately things went sour right as we were leaving for Easter mass.  Little Miss was in super mad meltdown mode causing lots of stress and ended in monster tears from everyone (literally).  We came back to the house and I curled up with her in bed while the hubby set her bed back up and not that much longer and she was out cold.

Couldn't stay upset with that sleepy face for long :D  When everyone else returned from church we changed into not so dressy clothes (which I'm sad about because we didn't get a single Easter picture together :(.... ) and then after lunch (which was amazingly delicious!) we headed outside to see what the Easter bunny left in the yard.

I love this last picture because they had just given each other Easter smoochies and now they are so obviously done :D  Love it.

The hubby and I ended the night with "Captain America" and "Midnight in Paris", cuddling on the couch, a cold beer and fresh popcorn.  Lovely!  

Today I was pretty excited because my dad and brother were able to come and visit!  I was worried that my parents would still be out of town.  But they came down with my childhood bed set for Little Miss.  We got it all set up and she loves it!

In knitting news I've finished one pair of these super awesome baby boots.  They definitely seem to require a plain color.  The fun top on the toes don't show up very well on the first yarn I used, but they look fantastic on the gray wool.  I also picked up a gorgeous blue/green/white blended yarn for a hat.  Wheee!

This week my happy birthday boxes should be coming in from ModCloth and Urban Outfitters, and once that happens I will post pictures!

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