Friday, April 20, 2012

In the pool

Last Friday and this week when I've gone swimming I've pushed it a little bit.  Usually I start out my work out with a 200 (which I was pretty proud of when I started those considering back in August I was wheezing my way through 50 yards!).  These few times I've hit 300 yards and then done 2x200 with 30 second rests.  It still takes me 45 minutes to swim a mile, but I've been staying consistent with 200 yard go-rounds instead of just 100. 

Last week I hopped on the treadmill for the first time in forever.  It hurt my hips and ankles like a son of a gun.  That's the bad thing about treadmills.  Pounding on the crappy rotating rubber is not happiness.

I've been thinking about what my goal is for this year.  When I started swimming with a girlfriend my goal was not to drown in the pool.  ;)  Then it became swim 100 yards consecutive instead of 50.  My next goal was to swim half a mile total, then a mile.  Now that I've hit that mark I haven't been sure of what to aim for next.  For awhile I thought maybe 2 miles in an hour, but seeing as how it still takes me 45 minutes for 1 it might not happen anytime soon.  But since I've been hitting the 300's and 200's pretty easily I'm thinking of aiming for 500 yards at a time.

The other thing I've been pretty proud of is that my 300's are sitting pretty at about 7 minutes.  Which is slow for a good swimmer, but pretty kick butt for me.  :D 

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