Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chocolate Thursday

Another piece from ModCloth!  This skort is super versatile and is soft and silky.  No surprise here, it has pockets!  Sweater knit by me and it just about perfectly matches the brown of the skort. 

It may  not have been a romantic dinner, but I was in nerd heaven last night.  :)  Yesterday I started some of the puzzles in my word nerd book.  Last night the hubby and I curled up in bed to try and figure out a few more aided by tasty cocktails and a small gift of anniversary chocolate.  :D

I felt bad for the hubby last night.  After having been gone for a couple of days usually the kids are clamoring for daddy.  Last night neither one wanted daddy to put them to bed and I could tell it hurt his feelings a bit as they were both very adamant about needing/wanting mommy.  After he seemed resigned to the idea they both changed their tune and allowed him to sing them songs and tuck them in.  I found it a little amusing as just yesterday morning Little Miss told me that she didn't listen to anybody but daddy.  Apparently not.  ;)

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  1. Very cute! I love the nerd heaven stuff!
    Gotta love kids, don't you? :)