Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Casual Wednesday

Even though I have things to do on Wednesday (faith formation) I claim it as one of my casual days.  Sixth graders don't care how dressed up/down you are :)

I love this sweatshirt.  It's an XS men's sweatshirt I got on sale a couple of Christmas' ago.  Normally I don't shop at Hollister either, but I was with a girlfriend so I peeked and found.  :)

Here's a picture of the gemstone earrings I bought over the weekend.  I still think they're green, but my  husband might have a point that they're more of a yellow-green, but green nonetheless in my eyes.  :)

Last night I started reading an article in this month's Marie Claire about how 'naturalism' is oppressive to women, especially SAHM's.  I'm slightly offended at the author's POV that being 'natural' (making your own baby food, babywearing, CD'ing) is oppressive.  Or that spending lots of time with my kids is oppressive.  How ridiculous.  I haven't gotten through the whole article yet, but I'm fairly certain it doesn't get any better.

I've made my own baby food because it was easy and it's a lot cheaper than buying jarred baby food.  Plus it's something you can do while you're making dinner, if you're steaming vegetables, throw a handful of them into a blender to freeze for baby food, no extra work.  Making applesauce?  Throw some of that into ice cube trays for later for the baby.  Not exactly difficult to do if you're already doing something along those lines.  I admit that cloth diapering isn't really my cup of tea (nor did I do much ...okay any research on it) but I'm not going to hold it against anyone who finds that it works for them.  And from many moms I've met on forums it works awesome for the majority of them.  And spending time with my kids?  Yes there are days when I feel it's too much (naughty days ;) ), but for the most part I 100% love my decision to stay at home.  I want to be at everything, I want to be involved because with my dad being in the Air Force and my mom not being able to drive, they missed a lot of my stuff.  Maybe that's part of the reason, but I don't want my kids to ever feel I just couldn't come to something because of this that or the other thing.  It really sucks being the only kid in your class without your parent at a middle of the day school thing because one works and the other can't physically get there.

Alright, speaking of physically getting somewhere, there's someone who gets out of school soon!

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