Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday

I don't get to wear this jacket enough and today was the best opportunity!  It wasn't super cold, it wasn't ridiculously nice, and I don't have a massive cardigan collection.  Therefore my sweet impulse clearance buy from last year made itself useful.  :D

Yesterday marked my 7 year anniversary with the hubby!  We did jack to celebrate because he was out of town for work.  Which on one hand was alright because we did do the big sushi fest on Saturday night to mark both my birthday and anniversary.  It was crap on the other because he called me to tell me his great-grandma wished us a happy anniversary, and he didn't bother to say it himself until late late late last night on his second phone call and only after I teased him about not saying it. 

On the knitting front...I completed two sets of booties for my girlfriends to put in their baby baskets this weekend.  They just need buttons!  Then I was searching for something to knit with 800 yards of black yarn and at first I thought a baby sweater, but then I thought, "Her baby is due in July, black is inappropriate!"  :)  Only in that it would be stupid warm to wear, especially because it's wool.  Oh darn, looks like I'll have to buy some yarn this weekend ;)  At least I have a good pattern or two in mind.  Since the baby sweater idea didn't pan out, I found another cute cardigan (adult sized!) and instantly started on that!  It's called Pick, Pick, Pick it up!  I love just love the cables (option) down the back :)  Plus a sweet black cardigan is always a plus in the closet.  (Which I just now realize contradicts my earlier statement.  Black wool cardigans for newborns born in the summer is silly; black wool cardigans for silly women is awesome)

I had an inkling I was going to say more, but those thoughts have escaped me!  So until next time, have a great day!


  1. that's a cute jacket. I love last minute impulse sale purchases. lol

  2. lol thanks! and since it's on sale it must be good for your closet, right? :D Lol