Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Reads

I don't know why I let the kids get so many books from the library.  They always settle on just one or two of them to read for the entire week.  Which is fine with me because they're usually really good ones, but then I feel bad for the others ones that we've checked out that will most likely never see the light of day.

This week my favorite book out of the stash is "006 and a Half" by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt.  It's an adorable story about a little girl who is pretending to be a spy and speaking in crazy secret code but gets upset when nobody understands her.  By the story's end her mom dresses up as a spy and they have a secret meet up at the dinner table over ice cream.  So cute!

The week before we read "Firefighter Ted" by Andrea Beaty.  Ted is an overly imaginative and enthusiastic bear who goes the full nine yards with his ideas.  In "Firefighter Ted" he thinks it is his duty to protect everyone from potential hazards and fire dangers, even if there is none.  The best part about "Firefighter Ted" are his taglines.  For instance at the end he seriously says to his principal "Remember, only you can prevent pants fires."  :D

I finished reading "Coraline" last night and loved it so much!  One of my favorite parts of the book is when Coraline is telling the black cat about what makes someone brave.  She recounts how her dad saved her once from a swarming nest of wasps they had disturbed by staying and swatting at them so she had enough time to get away but by the time they arrived home he realized he had left his glasses behind.  Later he retrieved them despite knowing that the wasps were still there but came home unscathed and with his glasses.  He told Coraline that staying and defending her from the wasps wasn't brave, but the going back, even if he didn't want to, that was brave.  Coraline takes this knowledge of doing what she had to despite being afraid and goes forward with saving the ghost children and her parents from 'other mother'. 

As I mentioned before I didn't get much knitting done on Saturday.  Sunday I finished casting on (finally) and now I have a pretty good chunk of my sweater done!

I just love the lacy ribbing at the top and on the sleeves.  :)

Well my dog is begging to go out so I better run!

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