Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinner and Knits

Last night for dinner I made Greek Spaghetti and the two things I have to say about it are...

1.  YUM!
2.  Holy crap that makes enough to feed an army; it would make a great potluck addition

Oh and also 3. it took a lot more prep time than I thought and we ended up eating an hour later than I planned in my head.

But really, doesn't it look like it was totally worth it?  :)

After finishing one sweater for my girlfriend I immediately started another one.  I blame the fact that baby sweaters go really fast, and I had an amazing color combination in my head that would work perfectly for a striped baby sweater.  And seeing as how they don't know what they're having, it perfectly goes either way without being the cliche green or yellow.  Well, not entirely anyway.  :D  Here are the two sweaters who just need buttons.

The crazy color yarn I got from one of my knitting group ladies and my original thought was to use it for booties, but this is so much better!  :)  I have enough black yarn to knit another of the Gramps sweaters or another striped sweater.....I love baby things!

As far as ticking things off my to-do list you can see I managed to finish two sweaters this week, I got to about 8 repeats on my shawl and sadly I did not do much more reading in my book.  I want to read but it feels like every time I go to pick it up, I get wrangled into a conversation or I'm just too wiped out to read.  My goal this weekend is to read at least two chapters so I feel like I'm getting somewhere at least.  :D

If you don't hear from me before then, have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. I love that top sweater. cables make me crazy. but then I'm left handed so manipulating the cable needles is not easy for me.