Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carrot Casserole and Randomness

Last night I made the carrot casserole with pork tenderloin.  Oh my goodness it was delicious and Monster Bean even ate two carrots, two!  :)  Of course Little Miss had like twenty servings of it so overall I call it a monster success.


1c Velveeta cheese (in my opinion it could have used more but it was pretty cheesy)
3c herb croutons (the hubby thinks that the herb flavor was overpowering and votes for regular next time)
2lbs mini carrots
1 can cream of chicken soup
3 tbsp butter
1 med onion chopped

How to:

I steamed our carrots for about 15 minutes; they turned out not too crunchy and not super mushy, just right!

Saute onions then add cooked carrots

In a saucepan mix together Velveeta, cream of chicken and butter until melted

Pour Velveeta mix over carrots and onion and then pour into casserole dish

Toss croutons with some butter, add on top

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 and voila!

Also, you would think that 2 lbs of carrots is a lot.  And it really does look like a lot, but I'm fairly certain we maybe have half of it left.


It's spring/summertime so it's time to break out my linen pants!  Especially my favorite ones which remind my husband of the 70's.  Which is funny because he wasn't even alive in the 70's.  Not even grandfathered in by being born in 79.  :)  But I like them!  (Ignore the random stuff in my room :D )

Last weekend I added to my comfy pants collection with a rainbow striped pair by Billabong.  Which is nice because really, there isn't a shirt that doesn't match.  :D

Speaking of clothes...I'm now that person who has so many winter sweaters (and sweaters in general) I bought an XL zipper box just to keep them all in.  And it is already practically full (I blame the thick yarn). 

Lastly, weight room etiquette.  I'm sure this is more me than anything else but I was at a serious loss of where to avert my eyes to when a college student stood directly across from me and started to sit down to use the weight pull machine.  Obviously I'm sitting there and staring at a spot on the wall and keeping count of my breathing.  Then he sits down and ...well...I was eye level with somewhere I felt a little awkward being eye level with.  And it wasn't like I was in a position to be "Ooooh need to stretch my arms and turn around for a second", I was in the middle of lifting.  So I'm darting my eyes around trying to keep breathing and counting my reps.  Thank goodness he only sat down for 10 reps but I must admit, I just wasn't sure what to do.  :)  Maybe I should learn to do free weights.  :D


  1. Recipe sounds yummy!
    Yeah, those are 70's pants alright! And I've been married as long as your husband has been alive. THAT makes me feel old! :)

  2. great pants...I have a pair just like them :)
    and as far as the weight room etiquette, that's why I don't exercise. hahahaha