Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready, start, summer!

To celebrate the end of school Monster Beans's school (or at least most grades) went to the park for a picnic.  I wouldn't say it was a beautiful day, but it was neither raining nor snowing so I guess it counts as a nice day.  :D

Despite my reminding myself to make Monster Bean a lunch to bring to school, I totally forgot until I was in bed...falling asleep.  So I promised myself that I would do it right away this morning instead of taking the dog for a walk.  Lucky me I was able to do both minus the cheese.  The cheese?  Yes, apparently when I write cheese down on the grocery list, the hubby thinks I mean more shredded cheese for the taco's we had earlier this week even though there was already a bag of shredded cheese, and that's why it said cheese and NOT shredded cheese.  When I bring this up to him he says "But there's brick cheese" which I need all of it for Greek Spaghetti.  Seriously, does he know nothing of my dinner plans?  :D  Anyhow, I okay it with Monster Bean that his sandwich is cheeseless and he just grins and asks for 6 rectangles (which are really difficult to cram into a plastic bag).

After dropping him off at school I go to the grocery store for more bread AND cheese.  I make our lunches so we can join him for the picnic.  Guess what, I forget to put cheese on anybody else's sandwich.  Doh.  Guess it wasn't meant to be.  :)

After the picnic everyone is running wild and I'm starting to worry that this is going to be a super long summer and that my voice won't hold out through next week nevermind 3 months.  But it's just the curse of returning home from a park and within 30 minutes everyone's fine and even letting themselves be put down for a nap in a nice manner.  Phew!

With next week being our first week off together together, I thought writing up a little game plan was necessary.  I'm not sure if it will work or if we'll even get to it, but the thought that it's there with some ideas will be good.

A few of the crafts will be:

making a windsock
making paper boats
making spray chalk
making paper flip flops/crabs

And of course going to the library and I'm thinking Friday will be our designated movie day to give myself a rest :)

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