Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pretty in khaki

When I saw this shirt at ModCloth I knew it was too cute to pass up.  At first I was going to try and match it with white and in dim light that looked pretty good.  Then I opened the curtains and it was too obviously off that I couldn't justify going out in public.  So I found some khaki linen pants that match better.

As you can see, Little Miss is trying to ask me if she can color on my post-it notes.  :)  Then after I was done she wanted a mini photo shoot of herself.  This is the cutest one out of the bunch!

The end of school is tomorrow and I had to giggle at Monster Bean who told me he's excited because he wants to spend more time with me.  :)  How sweet is that!  I'm always tickled when he says things like this because, as some other moms have pointed out, it more than makes up for all the times when they're trying my patience.  And it totally does.

Next week to kick off our first week together I have a couple of crafts lined up and I'm already thinking of how we'll fill our time aside from camps and library crafts.  They're more on the academic side...kind of.  Monster Bean passed his pre-k assessment with flying colors (he did that at the halfway mark as well so I'm not surprised) but I want him to practice more on his writing because, as most little kids do, some of letters come out backwards.  :)  As for Little Miss I have been thinking that if she sits still enough we'll do our letters like I did with Monster Bean at this age.  We'd color a letter or two a day and I laminated them into flashcards.  Of course I also have tons of Usbourne books to reference for science projects and crafts!

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