Tuesday, May 15, 2012


While I was line at WalMart today I saw something that made me smile and feel less silly about my public parenting skills.  :)

There was a mom with two little ones, a little older than my own (5 and 7...?) and her kids were of course plopped in front of the candy at the checkout lane while she was checking out.  Every so often you would hear her say "No...no you can't have that....no put that down...no you can't have that...Please say excuse me...come here...don't touch that..." and finally, when you could tell she had had enough, "Come here right now!"  with that gritty mom voice we all have.  Then of course when they came to stand by the cart, they immediately started pushing it back and forth while their mom was trying to put bags into it which caused her to tell them to stop, and then the little boy disappeared into cash register next to us and did who knows what.

So it did make me feel a little better to see another mom having those moments that I feel happen way too often.  :)

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