Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Baking

I filled my time up this afternoon baking rhubarb bars for my hubby's fishing trip and banana bread for myself.  :)  We've been tinkering with the rhubarb recipe and I think we've hit an excellent winner!  My hubby really enjoys the crust from these Christmas bars I made this year and thought it'd be tasty to try them as the crust for rhubarb bars.  Our first batch turned out a little ...tough.  It is tasty by all means, but required a little less baking time.  So when I made them today the crust was in for 3 minutes less and with everything on top it was in for 3 minutes less as well and they turned out perfect.  At least in my opinion.  :D  I almost wasn't able to resist taking a second bite ....just to make sure you know.  :D

Then, and mostly because I've been saving bananas since forever ago and had to throw some out...I finally made banana bread.  Yummy banana bread fresh out of the oven with butter on top!

It was super warm yesterday and has been followed up with significantly cooler temperatures today.  Which is okay with me.  I went lowkey in the dress up department.  (sorry for the fuzzy picture; taking pictures of myself on a timer is still an experiment)

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  1. ummmm, banana bread. unfortunately my kids eat my bananas faster then they can turn brown for bread. lol