Monday, May 14, 2012

In the mail

I got two bags of goodies in the mail today AND it was super gorgeous outside.  The first bag is from Friendly Gesture at Etsy.  It was just perfect and cute and totally me.

It is stamped with the hubby's and my first initials.

I wore it with this outfit.  This dress reminds me constantly I need brown leggings.  The gray ones are fine but I always want to wear this dress with  my new brown flats....or brown sandals....or just earth tones.

My second bag is from Swim Outlet.  I ordered two cute Dolfin Uglies swimsuits, one in a two-piece and the other a competition suit.

Based on my Nike suit size I went down a size.  Yeah, I should have stayed the same size.  The competition suit is snuuuuuuuug.  Not I'm a fat sausage roll snug, but the first few wears will be pinchy.  :)

Speaking of swimming, now that my Monday mornings opened up I am going to start going to the Y.  Today I was thinking if I wanted to go swimming or not and decided that I would run/lift weights two days a week and swim the other two.  It's been nice having flip flopping workouts.  Especially because I think that running and swimming are helping me better in each.  In just two weeks I've managed to up my running from 1 mile to 2 and my swimming is getting easier at 300 meters a pop.  I want to eventually do 500's which will equate to longer distance overall.  Yay!  :)

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