Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

First a huge happy Mother's Day to everybody out there!  To expecting mothers and experienced mothers, to first timers and great timers.  :)

I told the hubby upfront that I wanted to do gardening on Saturday so I had all day Sunday to do whatever I wanted :)  It's nice to have options :D  So out we went and picked up plants and veggies and went straight to work once we got home.  The fruits of his labor weren't as interesting to photograph because all you'd see is dirt :D  Mine are much prettier.  Or at least greener.

Little Miss was being silly and playing peek-a-boo around the tree.

Sleepy Sasha kitty

And a nice photo of me and the kiddos on Mother's Day

Monster Bean was eager to start the day off and came tearing into our room at 7AM.  He crawled right into bed and pulled out my gift they made at school.  It was a laminated flower and pot with his picture and the words "I love you mom" and a story that spells out MOTHER and has a cute little saying for each letter along with a picture.  So he of course read it all to me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss before tearing back off into the kitchen to play with his Kre-O Transformer.  

Little Miss let us sleep in, which we were surprised about.  But not so surprising when we opened her door and I spotted a small pile of barf in her bed.  :(  When she woke up she told daddy that a kitty must have barfed in her bed, which is super adorable to hear coming from her.  :D  So into the shower with me she came.  Luckily she wasn't so squirmy, but it's also not that easy to wash a 2 y/o's hair in the shower when they don't want to be in the shower and when the barf is thickly matted in their hair.  Also lucky is that it seems to be a one time incident, although she seems a bit droopy, but only if you aren't looking.  If you are looking she is her same silly self.

It's been a great weekend and now I'm just looking forward to a perfectly grilled steak  :D

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