Friday, May 11, 2012

What doing

A lot it feels like this week!  It was my last class for Bible Study, Monster Bean's class had an art project I came in and helped with on Monday, it was the last night for Faith Formation so our class got to meet up with the 7th graders for a very loud (and long) night, after that we met up with a few ladies for drinks at Applebee's, and it's all crammed in between piano lessons and playdates and the normal workings of our family.  :)

Little Miss has just been a nut lately.  She's always been big into dancing but the way she dances is hilarious.  When she walks she shakes her butt at the same time and twists about and then goes in for a full spin.  She's also taken to copying everything her brother does.  Which is funny on one hand but totally annoying on the other because then they both start going nuts and it's chaos.

Our week in pictures

Monster Bean got this cool color changing shirt that works with sunlight

She's showing me her lamb purse :D

And now let's be nuts....

Pause for cuddling with daddy

This afternoon we went outside to blow bubbles

Here's part of her dance in action

Ick that doesn't taste very good!  :)

And because everybody loves a good picture of a pet

Tomorrow I am hoping to plant some flowers and get our garden up and going!  So I hope to take pictures of that and blog before Mother's Day!  :)

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