Monday, June 25, 2012

Doctor, doctor!

The end of last weekend didn't end so hot so it means that this week can only look up, right?  Right?  I'm crossing my fingers.

Bad thing #1 I had some upset tummy issues Wednesday that grew progressively worse (okay, not sharp stabby pains but pain) and flowed on into Friday.  Having waited a day to see how things would pan out I hauled myself off to the clinic.  Going to the clinic at 8AM Friday morning is one of the best times ever.  Why?  I was the second person there and by the time I was on my way out an hour and a half later the waiting room was filled with patients and family.  I was relieved when I saw that it was my regular doctor who was on clinic duty this week and he was the one who saw me.  In what felt like no time he told me I have peptic ulcers.  O.o  My first thought is "Don't only old people get ulcers?" and my second is "Oh crap what does that mean?"

Contrary to popular belief peptic ulcers are not caused by spicy foods (although my husband remains convinced that it was the bloody beers with *gasp* olives! that did me in) and maybe but probably not caused by stress either (not that I've been least I can think of many other more stressful periods in my life).  They're caused by, of course, bacteria.  Didn't saw where from or how, just that's what it is.  He prescribed me some meds and told me that if I don't feel better by Friday to give him another call and they will delve into it further.  As I was telling my mom earlier I don't feel any worse (which is good) I'm also not feeling tons better, but at the same time, I feel as good today as I did yesterday with some Tylenol.  So, they're probably working.  :)

Bad thing #2  Our damn plumbing.  It doesn't just dribble and say "Hey, you might want to look at me".  No.  It gushes an inch of water through the newly built walls into the storage room and onto a handful of newly placed carpet tiles in the playroom.  With no warning.  Thanks plumbing, you're a peach.  Having already had the plumbers here back in spring I had hoped I wouldn't see them until next year or unless it rained a lot.  But nope.  They were here this afternoon and as I joked to my husband and joked on Facebook, you know you call your plumbs too much when they don't even ask what the problem is, they just haul their stuff on in and get to work.  Sigh.

The only two things of solace (if you can call it that) is that they told me that our block is known for having root issues (stupid big trees) and that if it happens again they may have to go to the next step, which is to do some magic drain through the giant pipes that are underground in our yard.

Bad thing #3 which is pretty less bad than the previous two, but on Saturday Monster Bean woke up with little rashy bumps on his face and his hands.  After checking fever, mood, appetite and consulting the interwebs we deduced it was probably something not serious.  I did let his playdate know what was up and he had a fantastic time over there and it has since disappeared so we're chalking it up to random and mysterious.

Big pluses so far.....

#1 My piano concert went well yesterday.  I had to giggle when one family showed up 20 minutes early.  :)  Especially when they come in and said it was to insure they got a good seat, and then discovered they were way early.  :)  Everyone did great and I performed "Notturno" by Edvard Grieg to close up the performances. 

Honestly I'm always on the fence on whether or not I should perform at my students' recital.  On one hand I remember my teachers always performing something, especially my advanced teacher in high school.  She would play beautiful pieces that constantly impressed my mom.  I feel that if I'm asking them to perform that I should be a good example and show them it's fun no matter what level you are at.  (And also that nerves exist despite talent and age :D )  I also feel it's necessary because these kids fly through their pieces so even with 4 kids with 2 songs each the concert was a little over 10 minutes in music.  On the other hand, I know the parents came to see their kids perform.  So I always wrestle with this. 

#2 Now that the plumbing is working again I can get back to work washing clothes.  While not "fun", it's nice because Little Miss was looking at her last pair of undies today.

Until tomorrow!  :)

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  1. oh I sure pray your week continues to get better. I remember my piano teacher also playing in our recitals. I loved it.