Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The mailman really knows how to brighten up my day by delivering my shoes a whole day early!  Yay!  I had never heard of DSW until one opened up in my hometown.  Then I haven't even been to that one but perused their goodies online the other week.  The defense I used when the hubby rolled his eyes at my purchases was a) I need good neutral colored pumps to go with everything.  After all I have a reliable pair of black ones but black doesn't go with everything.  And b) I want shorter not going to kill myself pretty brown heeled sandals.  I'm done doing the stiletto thing.  I always feel like I'm going to roll an ankle whenever I walk to church carrying Little Miss AND my purse filled with things like crayons and books.  Plus there are all those stairs.  It's just asking for trouble I tell ya. 

So the shoes.  I have abnormally fat feet.  They are really not that long, about at size 7, but they are extraordinarily wide.  The last time I had them measured I'm about an EEE width.  Usually not a problem because when I buy fancy shoes I can go up a size or two and have them still fit both lengthwise and width wise.  But when you start delving into the upper crust of shoes, that's when things get ...awkward.  For instance Steve Maddens will never ever fit my feet.  Even a size 10 is tough to comfortably put on.  So when I saw these absolutely adorable and gorgeous Betsey Johnson shoes on super sale, I was really nervous.  I checked as many sizing places as I could for good measurements on the width.  There were only sizes 9 and 7 available so it was either going to work or not.  Arming myself with lots of reviews and measurements, I ordered the 9's.  The sandals were easier as the reviews said they ran a little on the wider side and I felt comfortable ordering a size 8.

This afternoon I giddily ripped open my big box of goodies and pulled them out.  Even more perfect in person and the blush color of the pumps is so perfect. 

As I was pulling them out Monster Bean kept exclaiming about the fun leopard print that's inside the shoes and on the bottom.  They fit just lovely!

My second pair of shoes were equally as awesome.

How super cute, right?  The soles are also padded so they are super comfortable to walk in.  Overall I'm really happy with my new shoes and I can't wait to go out somewhere and show them off.  Or, being the nerd I am, just sit here on the couch with a pair of them on.  :)

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  1. I love them!!!! yes, wear them and enjoy them! even on your couch.