Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy Busy Beavers Batman Pt 1

I have been MIA in blogging the past few days because 1) my children have been driving me up the wall with their age appropriate inability to listen and to also throw magnificent tantrums and 2) because of before mentioned episodes, I have been finding much solace in knitting and those precious 2 hours of solitude in the afternoon.

But despite these circumstances, we've been finding lots to do to keep both insanity and boredom at bay.  In this post I will focus on our sparkly dragon craft!

On construction paper  drew a dragon for each, cut him/her out and then let the kids swab glue and shake glitter on them.  I was a little worried that stick glue wouldn't work the best, but it actually works better because then you don't have to fight with globs of glue that will neither dry not stay on the paper and get slurpy all over your dining table.  :D

Note the circle around Little Miss' picture.  I told her that she should draw around her dragon and add some pretties.  As she starts coloring she says "I'm drawing around her!" and indeed drew a giant circle around her dragon.  Ah, if only she followed my directions this perfectly all the time.  :D

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