Monday, July 2, 2012

Beekeeper's Quilt

So I decided that I am crazy enough to try my hand at the Beekeeper's Quilt.  I hemmed and I hawed and I drooled over all the other finished projects and their beautiful various combinations.  What got me in the end is that while it's a big endeavor, it's also one that can be done in small chunks and then piece by piece put together without ever having to sit down for one giant pain in the butt seaming session.  (I could never do a quilt I think; I could put all the small parts together, but I'd lose it once it came to sewing the whole queen sized thing together)

I have about 10 hexipuffs done and today I put together a little cluster.  I'm lucky that I have enough odd bits of yarn to create color clusters that go together.  My first happen to be a pink/purply combo with a taupe middle.

Right now my second cluster are blues but I might be a little more hardpressed to find the right weight yarn to make a lot.  I have enough for the three 'main colors' but the off ones be  need some help.  I know that these are supposed to be made out of scraps of yarn, but I'm a little tempted to order lots of sock yarn from KnitPicks and just go to town.  :D

Also, outfit of the day!

Oh I suppose last last thing.  :D  While out shopping with a girlfriend yesterday I realized that sometimes no amount of sucking it in will ever make a super cute clingy leopard print jersey dress ever look good on this post-baby body.  I think the only time I could have pulled it off was in highschool.  :D  I'm officially too old for the junior's section :D  The plus side is that my skirt collection increased by 2 :)

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