Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cookies and outfits

One perk of summer is wearing skirts.  I like shorts but I don't so much like them on me.  I have a few pairs but more often than not I'd rather wear a skirt.  Luckily over the weekend while we were Target shopping I picked up two fun new skirts.

I really wish the blue/white one had pockets but the denim one does so it works out.  :D

For the 4th of July we made sugar cookies in shapes of gingerbread men/women, buffaloes and stars.  Then while I taught piano my awesome hubby made frosting and frosted them!  They were waaaaay too tasty.

For the 4th of July we played games in the morning while we waited for the weather to decide what it wanted to do.  By noon it didn't look so dubious and we made plans to meet a couple of friends at the Reservoir for the afternoon.  Little Miss was NOT a fan of being in the lake while Monster Bean swam like a fiend.  The only way Little Miss would hang out in the water was if she was snuggling me on a blow up raft.  But she was content enough to play in the sand while the boys played in the water.  We didn't buy fireworks this year but were able to watch our neighbors shoot theirs off and hopefully on Saturday we will stay up late enough to watch the big show in town.  :)

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  1. what a good hubby! and he did a great job too. lol. I like the blue and white skirt, but I'm more of a shorts type myself.