Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double Gah

I'm really hoping this is the last time I have to rip out my shawl.  Pleeeeease be the last time.  Sometimes when you read directions you should really check your work as you go to make sure everything makes sense.  Otherwise you find yourself several hours later with a messed up middle decrease, odd number of stitches on both sides and a sick sense of knowing you have to rip it all apart.  Bleh.  What happened is this.  The directions say to do a double decrease in the middle of the shawl and to move your stitch marker one over to keep it even.  Well I did this.  Except by doing this my decreases kept shifting to the left making a nice slant.  When I saw this after a few rows I hoped that by straightening it out nobody would notice 3 bad decreases.  Nope, this made it worse.  What I thought I was fixing actually caused me to decrease more stitches on the left side than the right.  By the time I caught it I had 86 stitches on the left side of the stitch marker and 116 on the right.  Seriously?  Poop.

So on Saturday morning I crankily ripped out the body of my shawl, repicked up my 243 stitches along the edge and went back to work.  It's a good thing I did this for many reasons.  Obviously I do not want a shawl that will be warped and look stupid.  Secondly, I wasn't a huge fan of the odd slipped stitch pattern.  It was pretty meh in my eyes.  So instead I opted to do seed stitch which I think looks a lot better.  I'm not anywhere near where I was when I ripped out, but I'm not far behind.

On Saturday my second big order from DBNY (Discontinued Brand NameYarn) arrived!  I ordered enough Del Cerro to knit Aquarius.  Also in my big bag of yarn was a skein of navy blue wool and light pink alpaca for knits for my shop!  Why I want to knit with bulky yarn in the dead of summer is beyond me, but I can't seem to resist big thick yummy yarn.  :)

Also at some point this week I should wind up my sock yarn for my Ravelympic project!

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