Wednesday, July 25, 2012


That's what I was tempted to name my latest shawl, Albatross.  Just how obnoxious can multiple mistakes get?!?!?!  (See previous posts)

I ditched the attempt on odd slip stitch because it's really annoying having to remember to wrap the yarn forward, slip the stitch, knit the next stitch, repeat.  Especially when you find yourself mindless ribbing when you should really NOT be.  I think the seed stitch makes a lovely substitute.  In her pattern she says that you should knit tight enough to create a nice weave pattern.  Which I think I get with seed stitch, it really reminds me of tweed fabric.

I love this yarn.  It is soft without being itchy.  The color is beautiful.  It isn't too peach, it isn't too orange, it's a nice blend of the two making it pretty versatile.  The pattern was pretty easy (once I stopped being dumb about it).  I love the lace edging and how you pick up stitches to fill in the middle.  Brilliant.  Not a huge fan of doing the picot edging although it does look pretty great.

I had the hubsters take pictures last night so they are landscapes instead of close ups.

I'm not sure if I will block it.  I should, really.  To open up the lace edging.  But I might wait until after the weekend.  I rushed through this so I could a) wear it to the outdoor musical Friday night and b) have free time for Olympic knitting :D

I  mentioned in an earlier post about knitting for my shop again.  I have indeed finished a pair of fingerless mittens for my shop!  I've written down instructions so I remember what the heck I was doing (good policy if you ever want to recreate something :D ).  My game plan is to make up a decent sized inventory (10?) and then list them starting in August when everybody is doing their back to school shopping.  Somehow selling wool mittens (even if they are fingerless) seems asinine.

But here's a sneak peek of them.  :)

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