Thursday, July 26, 2012

Winding Down

One thing I hate about stores is being reminded of the upcoming season halfway through the current one.  All it ever does is make me yearn for that next season.  Unless of course we are talking about Christmas decorations in October.  That just makes me sad.  And annoyed.

August is coming and I've already been working on filling up Little Miss' back to school wardrobe.  Logically I know that she will be in school 2 days a week and that really, how  many outfits can a 3 year old go through?  The answer?  A lot if you know my daughter.  Probably even more if you know me.  But at least I've been getting her opinion on everything before I order it because she exercises her right to veto quite adamantly.

Monster Bean's wardrobe will wait until we go out of town next because he is a lot less picky.  Plus I think he will enjoy getting a shopping trip for himself.

I'm not sure if it's the hot weather or so many days of hot weather, but I have been aching for these 70 degree days and gray days.  Enjoying having my windows open and the air off, playing outside without sweating my guts out.  :)  I've been dreaming of cooler days and walking my kids to school with the fall leaves swirling around.  That first crisp smell of snow and how excited they will get, thinking you can build a snowman out of watery flakes.

In one of the forums I frequent I was somehow surprised by reading that voting for August's book club is already up!  I thought to myself "It can't almost be August!"  but sure enough, next week, we will be in August.  So many changes happening in August!  My SIL is getting married, my brother turns 18 and gets his driver's license (watch out world!), my baby starts pre-school and my oldest starts kindergarten.  Doesn't feel like there are enough days for all of those things!  But I am very excited for all of them!  :)

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