Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Olympics

I love the Olympics.  Growing up I remember being glued to the TV with my mom watching gymnasts bend, twist and flip in complete awe, gasping with her as divers plummeted from the high dive into the pool with barely a hint of a splash.  Four years ago when I started learning to knit, I spent almost the entire 2 weeks at a girlfriend's house working on my first toddler sweater (in sticky Red Heart acrylic yarn on metal needles; the thought still makes me shudder :D ) and holding my breath while Michael Phelps swam.  Or two years ago during the Winter Olympics my SIL came over and we watched the opening ceremonies and casted on our respective knitting projects.

This year is no different.  As I sit here watching the men's gymnastic trials, I am pushing myself again with a new project.  I love the theory of colorwork and my first attempt at it was the Paper Dolls sweater.  With that experience behind me I feel confident going into these socks!  My progress so far....

Front flower pattern

Back leg shaping

So far the colorwork isn't pulling/puffing too bad, so that makes me pretty happy!  Until next time, happy knitting and go Team USA!

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