Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Day 3

I've been glued to my TV today watching the Olympics.  :)  My favorites from today so far have been the rookie beach volleyball girls.  They did fantastic!  I also watched my first ever water polo match (okay, watch is giving me waaaay too much credit; it was on and I flicked my eyes in its general direction a few times).  Synchronized swimming was awesome, a few swimming trials and of course, gymnastics.

I joked to my husband that knitting intarsia during the Olympics makes it difficult to always watch when I want to.  So I have to plan my breaks a bit and be cognizant of what is coming up to catch the good stuff.  But I've been making do, take a peek!

It even fits!  :)

There are a few spots of tighter knitting but overall it is turning out better than I hoped!

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