Friday, July 6, 2012

Gray Day

While we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, I am secretly really enjoying the gray day today.  It's a nice day to have the windows open (although there isn't much for air flow....) and wear my glasses and hang out in sweats.

It was also a good day to catch up on some felt crafts!  In one of the library books we brought home last week I saw a great idea for a weather picture.  You make it out of felt and then your kids can put up whatever the weather is outside.

I used the lid from a shoebox and hot glued felt to it.  I then cut out a sun, moon, clouds (dark and light), snowman, thunderbolts, and rain droplets. 

Today's weather:

I've been thumbing through my felt craft book and decided to pick up more felt and fiberfill.

Next on my list for felt crafts is a pear, slices of kiwi and maybe a doctor kit!  That is of course if I don't cross eyed from all the hand stitching!

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