Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scattered thoughts

I keep taking pictures and I keep meaning to make a nice blog post about it all, but I have been consumed today by Monster Bean's birthday party tomorrow!  I cannot believe he is going to be 6 already.  A friend of mine is due soon and it reminds me of being pregnant with our first in the dead of summer.

We had not long since moved into our first house, I was hotter than hell (the a/c AND two fans blowing on me at all times, I mean really) and ready for this baby to pop.  Pop he did....eleven days late!  It's cruel (although understandable) to let a pregnant woman go over her due date when it's so hot.  :D  I tried just about everything under the sun to make labor come on and not a single thing helped.  Although false labor did prompt us to the hospital a few times!  Then when the big day came it was surreal and even now, six years later, it all still feels like a dream.

When did we become parents?!  When did they get old enough to be going to school?!  Yikes, before I know it they'll be dating, going to prom and starting college.

Anyhow, I have been busy trying to sneak in presents (very difficult when everybody is home, awake and curious as to what else mom has in those bags), hunting down RSVP's (good thing I sent out reminder emails otherwise only one person would have showed up!), making masks for the kids, and cake pops.  In my downtime I've been sewing up a storm of felt toys (this afternoon I made a pear!), adding a few hexipuffs for my quilt and finished reading "The Night Circus" on Sunday. 

I've been entertaining the thought of going back to my HAF Shop with gusto, but I'm honestly a bit nervous about that.  Nervous about failure, slow going and the reality of managing it all.  I've gone so far as to make a couple of trial items but haven't procured any more yarn to do more.

I think that will wrap up my random thoughts for today!  :)  Pictures for sure to come soon.

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  1. oh yes...I remember being overdue in the heat of texas...I was doing jumping jacks trying to get him to fall out. lol. and yes...come back to HA and join the fun!