Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you're expecting this to be a post about small people asking big people why all the time, you'll be disappointed.  :)

This morning I was wondering to myself why every summer I obsess over having shorts that fit right and look okay and adequately cover my huge rump and then...once the obsessing subsides and new shorts have been bought...I never wear them.  Seriously.  It's 90 degrees today and guess what I'm wearing.  Jeans.  Yup.  It felt like a jeans kinda day.  (Okay, almost every day feels like a jeans kinda day but today it reeeeeally felt like it)  Instead of even considering the 10 pairs of shorts I own, I picked up my jeans. 

When I thought about that this morning, it also dawned on me that this is most likely the reason why my daughter also hates shorts.  Is it because she sees me wear a dress/skirt on most days when I teach piano and pants/sweat pants the other days?  Is she just weird?  I don't know but I'm sure it's me a little bit.

I've also been having this hankering to buy a new purse.  I don't know why, it isn't like I need one.  Just ask the multitude of benched ones in my basement.  In my mind I've already come up with the excuse that I have a nice neutral one to lug around in brown, but what about when I want to wear black?  Don't black purses deserve a chance?  Or at the very least, I've got less stuff to toss in my Coach purse, so maybe it should be a new Coach purse.

Right.  As if that's going to fly in this house.  :D

I hate this feeling that I need something new when all logic clearly points that I do not.  Bleh.

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