Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap

Another weekend wedding out of town!  :)  Even though I brought the camera it didn't come out during the wedding (we were late) or the reception (I forgot).  Good thing technology has graced our phones with cameras, albeit crappy ones.

We had some time before meeting a friend for lunch so we took the kids to this super cool park.  I admit that whenever we go to MN I'm always green with envy at how awesome their parks are.  I wish we lived there so I could take the kids there all the time.

I was wrongfully under the impression that I would be able to sit for the 20 minutes we were there and so I didn't change my shoes.   Sure broke in my nice Betsey Johnson's though.  :D

Hanging out at the Arboretum for the reception.  This is the anthill sculpture out front.  You can't see it very well but there is a queen ant on top and a couple inside.

Brother and sister hug in front of the flowers

I did more driving on this trip because I didn't have any knitting!  Shame on me.  But I felt better knowing that by Monday shiny new yarn would be waiting for me in my mailbox.

I'll be making socks out of the top two

And this is becoming....


yes, it doesn't look like much now, but it will one day grow into a real shawl.  :D  I originally bought the yarn for a Jared Flood shawl, but then when I looked at the yarn and at the pattern, I realized I needed worsted weight and I have sport (which is half the weight).  After much perusing and lots of queuing I picked The Crow Waltz Shawl.  The cool thing about this shawl is that you knit the border first and then pick up the stitches to fill it in.

Until next time!  :)

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