Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Crafts

One thing I love (and simultaneously hate) about birthdays is making everything.  I love it because I love the uniqueness of a handmade birthday.  I hate it because usually I over plan myself and then kick myself over tiny imperfections (or as I view them anyway).  This year Little Miss asked for a princess birthday and at first asked for every single Disney princess to be her dress.  Since she couldn't make up her mind I opted to  make her two princess play dresses and a maxi dress for her actual birthday dress.  This seems to have suited her just fine.  :)  Going along that route I have been picking girly but kind of princess decorations to use.

I was going to make these cute pink puff balls made out of tissue paper.  Lucky for me I found some that were pretty cute, premade and probably cost less to buy than to buy enough tissue paper to make.  So I cheated there and I'm okay with it.

We bought these totally geeky birthday plates because that's who we are.  They are pink and say in white "Keep Calm and Party On" (or maybe get your birthday on...either one).  Little Miss won't get it but all of the mom & dad attendees will.

We bought her a tiara and cute blue wands for the girl guests, I also picked up jelly bracelets for the girls and a couple of recorders for the boys.  They'll be going in cute felt baskets that I will probably use up the rest of my tulle on.  :)

Now the handmade stuff.  Invitations!

At first I had this elaborate plan to use a K I had drawn with help from a lettering book.  Then at Hobby Lobby I saw this cute stamp that was on sale and thought "perfect!"  So in the end my fun letter was not used but that's okay.  Maybe on the thank you notes....

Her two dresses....let me tell you that I will never sew with tulle again.  Too big of a pain in the butt and I do not have the patience for it.  None.  Nada.  Ugh it was frustration.

Snow White

Nowhere and I mean nowhere was there a dark blue tee-shirt to be seen.  I tried Hobby Lobby, Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart....none.  Then when I tried to look for something to dye it with, they were all out of blue.  I decided to quit stressing about it and just went with white.  As you can tell she's pretty excited about it.  :D

Aurora dress.

I am pretty sure this is more of a shirt still but we'll see when she tries it on.  This one went a bit smoother because I was smart and sewed the tulle onto the ribbon first and in two different heights.  The bad thing is that I mis-measured and had to cut an additional 3" in ribbon and more tulle to get it to fit all the way around.  Which is kind of funny because I even factored in an additional 2 inches.  Oh well.

And lastly because we're still in kitten utopia....

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  1. I admire you! I'm not much to plan parties, I prefer to take the kids to ChuckeCheese and let them have at it. lol