Monday, September 10, 2012

New Kitty!

Over the weekend we received the call that we were approved to adopt little Zena from our local Humane Society.  We arranged for the pick up and papers to be signed tonight and we could take her home.  Since she isn't spayed yet and still needs one last shot we are 'foster parents' until everything is finished, but basically she's ours to keep and her appointments for those two things have already been made.

Little Miss kept asking to hold her while we were there and Zena was unsure but pretty okay with it.  At home Monster Bean wants to know where she is all the time and I let him entertain her with a snippet of yarn.  They both had a blast with that!  My tomkitty has been doing well with her.  He sniffed her, rubbed against her and has generally been "Meh, it's a new kitty".  My favorite moment tonight though was when she was hiding from Ein and sat right up against Teo.  So sweet!  Ein keeps wanting to get to know her better and she is having none of that.  Not to be crude but my baby kitty has some big balls.  Right away she got all big and puffy, hissed and reared back to give him some kitty claw action.  Since then he has been a little scared of her which is hilarious that this tiny kitten makes my Corgi back away in fear.  :D

She is quite the cuddly kitten.  Loves to be snuggled, loves to curl up around you and has been having a fun time exploring our house.  msddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddc (kitty did that)

Her official unofficial name is Pikachu Princess Squirrel KitKat.  Everybody tossed a name in the mix.  What the hubby and I have decided should be her name is Uhura (from Star Trek) because nothing else seemed to be 'it'. 

But I'm sure you are very interested in the pictures!

Trying to get a good sniff out of her.


That's the newest member of our furry family!

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