Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

Last year I didn't quite get why so many things waited until two weeks into the school year for other happenings to get going.  This year I completely and totally understand.  If anything had started last week I think we would have missed it.  Or been too O.o to go.  (Maybe that's just me)

What happened this week?

Socks!  I started them Sunday  night on a whim and finished them up Tuesday afternoon.

I used the universal toe-up formula from Knitty.  The crochet cast on went smoother and once I did the first toe it was pretty just go from there.  :)

New jeans!  I actually received my new jeans (Free People!) last week but got to photograph them today.  

I know that a  lot of jeans don't come in specific lengths.  And being a short person it's pretty tough.  Thank goodness I know how to work a sewing machine!  I lopped a good 4-5" off the bottom of these and hemmed them so they are a respectable length.  :)  I really like these jeans because they are a higher rise in the back, they're super comfy and soft!  And to top it off I bought them at a discount from HauteLook.

Running!  I hit 3 milestones this week.  On Monday I ran my mile (outside) all in one go with  no gasping, no stopping and not feeling like death.  Then on Wednesday on the treadmill I ran 2.5 miles straight through of my 3 miles.  Today I did 3 miles in 35 minutes which is a minute faster than on Wednesday!  I am pretty excited that I am seeing lots of improvement this week after feeling like crap for the past few months of running.

Daily I just felt totally drained by the day's end every single day this week.  It was like by the time the kids were in bed I wanted to be in bed too!  But at least we have a routine going and have worked out the kinks in our double drop off days!

Books  I just finished my book on DNA aaaaaand.  I was super interested and into it at first.  The last few chapters were really difficult to get through.  I feel that this happens a lot when I read science books.  I'm really into it and then my brain just shuts off.  I will do a better review on Monday I promise!

The kids brought home their Scholastic book order forms last week and we ordered a few books from each.  My husband always teases me that I don't have to order books every time...but I do.  I so totally do.  I love books and our house reflects that.  :)  Plus you get them for such a good deal, how can you  not want to buy them books?  :D

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