Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crisp and cool

I could do without the cloudy, but the chilly weather is making me really happy.  Especially because I am hoping to break this bad boy out.....

My finished Tourist Sweater

It looks like a huge project but honestly it didn't take me too terribly long to knit.  Yay for chunky yarn and big needles!  For this project I used Aslan Trends Del Cerro in natural and US size 9 needles.  I knit the size XS and it came out much longer than I had anticipated which is just fine with me!  Too often I will knit something that says tunic and it isn't tunic length at all.

I love the design of the kangaroo pocket with the buttons still running down the side.  In fact the buttons were my favorite feature of this sweater when I was deciding what to knit.  When I was all finished I didn't want just any old buttons and though wood buttons would look best against the cream/natural yarn.  On Etsy I found cute driftwood buttons and they are fantastic!

I was slightly torn on how to do the sleeves.  I love the look of the longer sleeve but I also know that I'm constantly pushing up my sleeves and getting warm and they're tricky.  But I also knew that when I try to do 3/4" sleeves they never quite turn out right.  Somehow with a weird combination of measuring and miscalculation I got it just right.  Imagine that!  :D

Overall I am very happy with how the sweater turned out and am looking forward to enjoying a fall/winter wearing it!

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  1. This sweater is so cute!! It looks great on you too! Maybe someday I will be more adventurous with my knitting and make something as awesome as this!