Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Sasha

This morning we had to put our cat Sasha down.  Poor thing went in last month for a sore on her mouth.  They went ahead and pulled all the teeth on the one side and told us she was either suffering from an abscess or a tumor.  She was treated with antibiotics for an abscess and they said she should be better after a week, maybe two.  At first it seemed to get a little bit better.  Then last week it started to bleed.  Not just trickles here and there, but it looked like she had sneezed and then exploded blood everywhere.  It was not a good sight.  This occurred on/off all weekend.  Today the hubby called the vet first thing and they said they would take a look at her right away.  After a half hour they called back and said it was indeed something more than an abscess and if we wanted they would put her to sleep.  At 10 we went in and the vet told us more about her condition.  Sasha had developed an erosive tumor that was quite aggressive and the only other option would be radiation, but even that would be too much for how small she is.  We pet her and scruffered her ears while they injected her.  It was very quick and I couldn't tell when she took her last breath.  We decided to have her sent off to be cremated (they don't do it here in town) and then they would spread her ashes over a field.

Here are a couple of pictures from when she was younger.

She loved to sneak into my cupboards in my old apartment.  In fact she still loved to sneak into the lower cupboards when we moved into our house.  Sometimes you would hear a light banging and it was her trying to get out!

Sasha snuggling our firstborn.  Both she and Teo thought that babies made great snuggling partners.  :)


One thing I know for sure is, probably not this weekend or this month, but we will be adopting a new kitty!


  1. Oh Gina, I was so sorry to hear about your cat! Having gone through this with 4 dogs, it is so hard and never gets easier. The one consolation is the pain is over and they are no longer suffering. She will always be in your heart and the memories will make you smile. ♥