Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Weekend

This past weekend the hubby and I started this horrible habit of playing games until 1AM and then not getting to sleep in very late the next morning.  Makes for a sleepy extra long long weekend.  :D  At least the kids let us sleep in this morning so it wasn't so bad.  But it also reminds us that we aren't that young anymore to where 1:30-2 AM is ever an acceptable bedtime.

I have lots of things I had taken pictures of with my phone, but then my phone has been a pain and not uploading to Picasa (or anywhere else....)  As far as knitting I finished the Tourist Sweater and love it!  I want it to be cold like now so I can wear it.  I crocheted two zombies for my friend and they have hair and faces, one is just missing a falling out of the socket eyeball.  I started a sock this afternoon that is startlingly a sock.  (It took me an hour, maybe 2 to get from the toe to 3" up the leg) 

We kept saying we would set up the pool outside or go to the Res but the weather never cooperated.  Or when it did it was too late.  Little Miss was soooooo excited to set the pool up today but it sunny....rumbled sunny....rained more....then just got to 'cool' to play in the water outside.  Poor thing was really disappointed about it.

But on Sunday night she was able to spend some time outside and we played basketball.

A funny story about Little Miss.  At dinner tonight she was talking about how there was a party in her belly and the mashed potatoes wanted to join.  As I feared she lifted her shirt and then motioned as if she were going to smear the potatoes from her spoon directly onto her belly.  :)  She didn't, but the intent was clear as day on her face that she would do it.  :D 

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