Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Goodies

Yesterday I went on a pretty good run for sewing.  I made sure to read through the (lengthy) instructions three times so I knew what to expect, cut out the pattern size and prepared my fabric.  Once that was all done I looked through my instructions again (when there are 23 pages you know it's going to get a little O.o) and got ready.  My plan of attack was this, to cut out the skirt first since there was no pattern pieces for it, only the measurements and then fold and cut out the rest. 

I used the Emmaline Dress pattern from Violette Field Threads and I can't tell you the name of the fabric I used, but I bought it on sale at Hobby Lobby.  :)  I picked up 2 yards and prayed I wouldn't mess up.  :D

I learned a few things while sewing this dress.  How to make my own bias tape.  I knew I knew what this was, but for the life of me couldn't figure out why.  After reading on a few different blogs how to make it and the why's it was like "Oh duh".   The second thing I learned was how to create ruffles.  I'm not super good at it, but it works.  Also it's a giant pain in the butt.  Ugh.

But I am very proud of myself that I sewed from beginning to end (minus the skirt ruffles) without any swearing, crying or general frustration.  Which, while not exactly being a great sewer, is a pretty big deal.  :D  Here are some pictures of my sweet model in her birthday dress.

When I was taking pictures this morning my husband just laughed and said "I am looking at my future and I am totally freaked out".  :D 

Overall it turned out really nicely.  I love the neckline and the fun halter straps.  The skirt isn't as flared out as in the pattern pictures and when it came to attaching the skirt to the top, I couldn't exactly scrunch the skirt to the same size as the top because they were all the same size.  Not sure if that was an error in cutting out the pattern or me or what...but either way, the slim skirt still works.  :D

The gift baskets for our bday party guests are all finished.  Well, pretty much.  I have to tie the recorders to stay connected to the boys' baskets, but overall they are finished.  My husband thinks I tinker too much with birthday things but whatever.  I have fun with it!

To tie everything together I used the same castle stamp on the note cards for the baskets and then wrote the kids' names on the back.  Everybody has M&M's and a WoolyWilly in their basket; then the boys have a recorder and then the girls have jelly bracelets, princess stickers, wands and Piggy Paint nail polish (which I was happy to find at WalMart!).  One part of my brain feels terrible that the boys have so little in them in comparison.  Then I also think "Boys don't care about princess stuff and it's a princess party!  Duh!"  Plus one guest is barely 3 months old so I doubt he cares.  :D

I still have to think about what kind of cake I am going to make.  But the other food stuff is decided.  There will be make your own pizzas with bagels and toppings, fruit dipped in chocolate (I saw this cool recipe for kiwi slices put on popsicle sticks and then dip in chocolate).

I'm pretty excited about Little Miss' upcoming third birthday!  (If you couldn't tell :D )

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  1. sounds like you (and she) will have a great time. and that dress is adorable. and so is your model.