Monday, September 17, 2012

Theme of the weekend: lazy

This is how we mostly spent our weekend.  Being as lazy as possible.  Which is easy and nice to do when you have a full week behind you!  Laundry had been done intermittently throughout the week so that checked off a normal weekend 'to-do', I was able to write up a grocery list while making breakfast on Saturday morning so the hubby could sleep in, and then after mass this morning we all plopped in front of the TV and watched football.  During the 'work' week I wouldn't call sleeping from midnight to 8 necessarily refreshing.  But when you have no responsibilities the next day, it actually isn't so bad.

The above pictures were taken Friday night.  At first it was just me and my animals all curled up on the couch.  Ein and Uhura snuggled against me with Teo occasionally purring against my head.  This shows how lowkey they have all really been.  While Uhura still has kitten tendencies she is not a crazy kind of kitten and mostly loves to snuggle in my lap while I am knitting or blogging (like right now :D ). 

Later that night Little Miss was super crabby and wanted to snuggle with me out on the couch.  She finished 'watching' "Marie Antoinette" with me, we were both pretty much passed out on the couch and the hubby snapped our picture.

I feel ready to tackle another week.  I'm excited to get through this week and wind up with Little Miss' birthday party and my first 5K.  The 5K will be fun because my bestie will be coming from out of town to walk it, I'll be running it with another friend and hopefully the kids and my hubby stick around to watch (or are up....either one :D ). 

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  1. there's nothing better than a lazy weekend, which is my favorite part of the fall season...temps getting colder, and the sun going down faster...long hours to just cuddle on the sofa.