Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Review

I have so much to chat about from this weekend!  It ranges from sad to fun to plain old lazy.  :) 

On Friday we took Uhura to be spayed so we could officially adopt her from the Humane Society.  Gave her lots of snuggles before the hubby dropped her off.  Later that afternoon the vet called to tell me that Uhura didn't make it after seeming to recover.  As far as I know there is no medical reason why it happened, it was just a freaky thing.

I feel a million different ways about it.  I'm angry.  I'm sad.  I feel incredibly guilty.  I feel guilty because we took her in for this and then she didn't make it.  While rationally I know it isn't anybody's fault, it still gets me.  I have to say though that the kids have taken it very well (although hearing Little Miss ask for Uhura a few times was heartbreaking).

This week we are going back to the Humane Society to see the other kitties.  I have told my husband over and over again that while I feel a little like we're just replacing Uhura, I also know that if we wait too long I may never adopt another cat again.  My rationalization is this.  I feel like if I find a new sweet kitten to adopt, it can soothe that horrible ache but if I wait too long, I may put her on too high of a kitten pedestal to ever recover.  Am I weird for thinking that?  Probably.

Saturday was a blur of activity.  I jump started the day by waking up at 6:30 to get ready for my first 5K.  One of my girlfriends was running it with me and a few of our other friends were walking it.  My biggest worry for the 5K was the weather.  On Tuesday I did a trial run (literally) and was freezing and not very impressed with the results.  Saturday however I had on just enough layers and had knit a hat for me and my friend to keep our ears warm and wore some fingerless mittens.  It was so great to have a partner to run with and keep each other motivated.  I think if I had done it solo there might have been more walking involved than there was; but as it was there were only short jaunts of walking and we finished in 36 minutes some odd seconds.  When we were on our way back my kids and husband were cheering for us.

After that there was some relaxing before getting ready for Little Miss' birthday party!  She turned 3 and wanted a princess party.  Our friends came over with their kids and my parents were able to make it down.

It was a great success and everyone had fun.  Kids and adults loved the make your own pizza with Little Miss snagging toppings off of my dad's pizza.  :)  On  her actual birthday my IL's came down for dinner and more presents!  She was tickled at the celebrating and lots of family time.  :)

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