Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Timey Wimey

This week I have been laying low (actually looking back at my blogging record I have been laying low the past two weeks!) and taking some time to myself.  I'm feeling the burn out from knitting a little bit (or at least I have burned out the creativity there for the time being) although my yarn senses are tingling a bit again.  I took off a few days from running because after Saturday my legs were revolting, but I will probably get back into that tomorrow. 

But overall it has just been nice to be a lump this week and enjoy the mindless activities of browsing all of my shopping sites online, playing video games and enjoying countless hours of practicing my piano.  Feels like the kind of thing everybody needs to jump start their batteries again.

Last night I was telling my husband how I was having a hard time identifying his strengths in accordance to the class that I am taking.  There were a few that I thought I could pin on him, but those were only strengths I saw in certain situations.  For example, the one strength I see in him and a few of our friends (is it funny if I say all the boys?) is analytical.  And I see this when we play games and how most of their brains are ticktickticking away and devising schemes on how to both maximize their points, screw over whomever is in first and plain old be clever about it.  So after dinner my husband asks to look at my book so he can read through the definitions and within seconds has himself figured out.  And when he reads them to me, it's pretty duh and I'm glad I asked him about it.  What he thinks his strengths are: input (collecting/archiving information), restorative (fixing problems), futuristic (always looking into the future), ideation (love the idea of ideas) and a bit of an includer (getting everyone to be in on something).  This week I want to try and see how our strengths collaborate together.  Mine are communicator, learner, adaptability, empathy and developer which roughly translates into I am a good communicator who loves to learn for learning's sake, I can go with the flow, am adept at reading other people's feelings and want to help cultivate abilities in others.

Tonight we are going to the Humane Society to check out kitties.  I'm excited and the kids are way super excited about it.  When I told Little Miss we were going after dinner, she obviously thought I meant lunch because when we were done with lunch she got so upset when I said it was naptime and not kitty time.  :D  Poor thing.  I am looking forward to finding the right match for us and I'm sure with two little helpers it shouldn't be hard.  :D

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