Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding to the Brood

Today my family and I went to the Humane Society to love on the kitties and see if we could find another good match.  I went with an open mind knowing that there was a chance we wouldn't find what we were looking for; there were so many little things that could have been deal breakers.  My husband really wanted another kitten, but we knew they were scarce.  I'm more prone to older kitties because while kittens are sweet and cute, there's something that gets to me about an older kitty who needs a home.  Our kids of course had their own list of things.  Does it look like he/she will bite me and can I hold it?

There were several lovey kitties.  If I had my way we would have come home with at least 3.  :D  My husband fell in love with a baby kitten who was the sweetest funniest thing ever.  He's 2 months old and kept trying to will himself through the mesh in the door by attaching his front paws to the mesh and then got them stuck while his back paws were scrambling.  You'd untangle him and he'd do it all over again.  Just adorable.  We both agreed that if he had been older and neutered already it would have been a done deal.  Well probably; he has a lot of staticky fluffy hair....  There was a buff/orange kitty who was super sweet.  But I have to admit that from the get go, when we started looking again, I had my heart set on a black/white kitty.

He's the same age as Uhura (was) but is clearly a big guy.  :)  No skittish kitty here, he is just a lovey dovey guy and is just as patient as Teo.  He has yet to swipe or growl back at the dog (which is interesting because it took Uhura 2 seconds to nab him in the nose) and has been curled up in somebody's arms.  Currently he is wrapped around the back of my neck snoozing away.  :D

It took ages to figure out a good name for him.  We went through Mal (from Serenity) but dissed it because he isn't brown.  We thought Murphy from SeaLab but that was too plain.  There were numerous others ranging from the outright silly, Tolkein, random sci-fi and finally we settled on a name from Game of Thrones.  Mance.  King behind the wall.  :D

So there's our new kitty member!

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