Friday, September 28, 2012

Picture Round Up

There are so many things that I've thought I uploaded and blogged about and am only now realizing never happened.  Doh. 

For instance this striped sweater I finished last week.  The XS size was the free offer for the Norwegian Summer Sweater.

I made a few small mods to the arms so that my arms would fit.  :D  Thankfully they worked out and this is a sweater I am in love with!  I used Jojoland Tonic in a yellow/green blend and striped it with white.  While at the yarn store my husband actually helped me settle on these two colors.  I have recently discovered that in my attempt to get more neutral sweaters in my closet, I now have at least 4 and wanted to get some color back into my closet.  Voila!  :D  This is a sweater I definitely have to wear a tee shirt with because the wool blend is itchy enough that I need something.  Not enough to cover the length of the sleeves, but just something to keep it from driving me nuts.  I wore it all day last Thursday with no problems and only a tank underneath.

These I complete forever ago but totally forgot to blog about!  My friend suggested I knit her some zombies for her office if I ever felt inclined to do so.  Well I did and I hated all the knit patterns out there and thought "Hey, let's tackle this crochet deal" and out of nowhere it all came together.  The pattern I used is Zombie Martha.  It was kind of creepy actually how it just clicked in my head, but I'll take it.

I was too lazy to knit hair so instead I cut out a bunch of leaf shaped felt and hot glued it in layers to their head.  Worked out pretty well and she has since sent me a picture of them terrorizing her office desk.  :D

Maxi dresses may not exactly be my thing.  I have one that I love dearly but it doesn't come out nearly as often as it should because it's the only one and I don't want to wear it out.  The other one is a pinch too big and I knew when the lady told me she only had it available in a large and I had my breastfeeding chest that I should have just backed away.  I don't quite fill it out the way I used to and no amount of tissues will solve it.  :D  But I have discovered a way better option.  Maxi skirts.  A local store recently put some out and it was everything in my power not to buy every single one.  They are made out of jersey so they're breathable and washable and soft.  My only complaint about the pink one is that it requires a slip because even with sheer underwear it isn't sheer enough.  (Teens these days I mean really)  While I was at the store I also picked up a tank that isn't really me but is enough.  A lot because it's Halloween and some because it has the cute rips in the back and not those crazy stupid ones I've been seeing is why I bought it.

Totally cute together.  :D  Well I think I am now caught up on pics that have been sitting in the to-do pile :D  I am also tinkering with putting together a schedule again.  Loosely it might look like

Monday Menu
Friday Weekly Run

and then sprinkle in some random.  :D

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  1. I can see why you love that sweater! It's so cute!! Love the Zombies too!