Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Run Round Up

I took the beginning of this week off from running.  Mostly due to laziness and the thought of "I've been busting my butt for the past month training for a 5K, I can take a few days off".  By Wednesday I thought I could sneak in after Little Miss' doctor appointment but that didn't happen.  On Thursday I thought I could compel myself to go.  Didn't happen either.  Finally this morning with both kids at home I was determined to go or else lose my mind.  :D

I am signing up to do another 5K with my friend and now that I know I can do 3 miles, I am going to start stretching it out a bit further.  Today I put 3.5 miles on the treadmill and made it through 3 but had to walk out the screaming in my calves.  They were not impressed.  My 3 miles were completed in 33 minutes and then it took me 7 minutes to walk that last half mile ;D 

On my running list was (that I can retrieve...!):

Mumford & Sons "The Cave"
Lady Gaga "Born this Way"
Jenny Lewis "The Next Messiah"
Florence + The Machine "Dog Days are Over"
 The Animals "We gotta get out of this place"
Florence + The Machine "Drumming Song"
The Clash "Should I Stay or Go Now"

Next week I will try to keep better notes on my music list :D

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  1. a runner? I'm impressed. I tried it once, but didn't like it. good luck on the 5k!