Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Pets give us something our families cannot always do.  Completely, unconditional and total love.  No matter if you just popped them on the nose for trying to steal food out of the kids' laps or for stealing your pillows for his own bed.  They'll love you and come back for kisses and snuggles.  Even when they know they've been naughty, they pour on the charm with big eyes and that sense of "You can't possibly be upset with me for much longer....right?"

This morning I was woken up by Mance licking my nose and when I shooed him away from that, he thought my forehead was a better choice.  I brought up this funny fact to my husband who said that he too was woken up throughout the night by the kitty grooming his beard.  :D

Recently we had to change our older kitty's diet.  He was not having his old food anymore.  He'd whine at me and when I'd go downstairs his bowl would be full and I'd tell him that he isn't starving.  Then as if to prove a point he'd nibble just a tiny bit and then sit there with this look on his face that clearly read "This food is crap."  So over the weekend we picked up a small box of canned food to test it out and he has been overjoyed.  I think we'll have to switch to pate the next time we buy food because he loves to lick all the goo off first and then start chowing down on the chunky bits.  But usually by that time Mance has caught wind that there are nom noms around and intrudes.  Luckily Teo is pretty laidback and will let Mance eat a bit before he'll come back to share.  Watching them eating from the same bowl is adorable especially as they have a tendency to push the bowl back and forth as they eat.  If Mance is the last one eating he will be so vigorous in his eating that he has pushed the bowl off the ledge and onto the floor.  Once this happens he looks at us like "Are you going to pick that up?"

Lastly our pup pup had to go to the vet this morning.  He has been regurgitating his food the past few days.  Usually it had been happening an hour or two after his morning feeding and so I wondered if he was just eating too fast.  So yesterday I fed him a smaller serving of it and spread it around his kennel so he'd have to hunt around for the kibble instead of just inhaling it.  Two hours passed and he seemed fine.  Then when we came back from school he vomited it back up.  :(  I called the vet and hoped that they give me something at home to do or tell me it wasn't anything to worry about.  Instead they called back and said that they'd have to do a few tests (including an X-ray and possibly an endoscopy) and asked if I could bring him in the next morning.  I dropped him off this morning and I know I will be on pins and needles until they call back with an update.

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  1. I hope pup pup gets better quickly. Our Peewee loves his treats, but we ran out the other day. So I put a few pieces of his dog food in the box. When he asked for a treat, I get him one of his food pieces. He promptly spit it out and then stared at me like I was nuts. I was laughing so hard, he just got up and left.