Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hoot hoot....

After many ( and boy do I mean many) false starts and twisted yarn, I finally managed to get this hat going.  I have to tell you, when there are 80 stitches you have to make sure to not twist while you're trying to figure out which side of the chain you started crocheting on and hope to God you are still crocheting's a pain in the butt.  Genuinely, a giant pain in the butt.  More of a pain than trying not to twist 200 stitches on a circular needle.  And folks, if you have ever done that, you know how frustrating it can be.  More than once I thought "If I were knitting this, I'd be done by now!"  Gah.  But perseverance got me through.  :)

I used the Woolly Owl Hat pattern from Ravelry.  It is written for both bulky and worsted weight yarn.  Because I only have one crochet hook (I really should remedy that now that I am crocheting...) I had to adjust some of the numbers and make stuff up.  Instead of 60 stitches I chained 80 and for the eyes instead of making them super huge (which wouldn't fit) I quit when they were 32 stitches around.  Now that I have one under my belt I really really really want to make the bulky yarn version because it is super adorable!

Little Miss is making this face because I finally told her to please quit moving so I could get a decent shot of her.  Every time I had a good one, she'd flinch just as my phone was taking the picture.  So I have several blurry ones of her that could have been cute, but now we'll never know.  :D

When she arrived at school her teachers and I had a fun chat about arts and crafts, Pinterest and of course never having time to do all the crafts you want to do because you have to A) go out of town to collect supplies, b) figure out what you really want to do and C) decide between the thousands of projects you want to do.  :D

With the hat complete I am thinking she should have some matching mittens.  I think I have enough yarn to make mittens (crocheting really does eat up a lot of yarn!  I think crocheting this hat took up as much yarn as it would to knit myself a hat).  Off to Ravelry!  :)

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