Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to running

I have been a big ol' slacker the past 2 weeks when it came to running.  However I did sub in some yoga those days so I don't feel too horrible.  Last Tuesday I did my first 4 mile run, but I cheated by actually walking a half mile in two spots.  Today I hoped to actually run my 4 miles but sometimes getting to the Y at 9 doesn't work in my favor.  Someone was on my favorite treadmill and I was forced to run on the squeaky treadmill that hurts my feet.  :(  I called it quits at 3 miles because every step starting from mile 2 to mile 3 squeaked quite loudly. 

I alternated between 5mph and 5.5 mph every half mile and walked a total of 6 minutes which equaled about .25 miles overall.  It took me 35 minutes which is close to my 5k running time, so I'm still pretty happy about it.

I will tie in my thankful #5 here too.  I am thankful for the ability to run/swim/be athletic.  Looking at my parent's health and how my dad went from a 4 minute mile in highschool to not running anymore makes me so very thankful I can run, I can push myself.  I do not think I will ever take for granted that my body cooperates (now). 

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